Sunday, March 2, 2008

Free things are free

Boy Ach in free hair and a free jacket!

***Hair: Calico Creations group freebie for men, Kevin in obsidian copper
***Skin: TheAbyss Scorpio_Dystopian[1]C Smooth
***Coat: ~silentsparrow~ (Rue d'Antibes location) freebie box at the Rue d'antibes sim opening, Banneret coat in pumpkin.
***Pants: ~silentsparrow~ (sepia) sweeney pants, group party giveaway
***Shoes: Beckenbauer Productions Chantal's Rose Elikapeka

It's been a busy few days. Last night was Calico Creation's new sim opening. The sim is lovely. It looks like a Greco-Roman ruin (I only use this term because I'm never sure which ruins are Grecian and which are Roman), and there's a gorgeous waterfall that spills into the heart of the store. Calico gave a group gift to men (Kevin, worn above, in a bizillion colors) and women (Alora, worn below, also in a bizillion colors). Wearing the Alora hair makes my avatar feel all shy!

Today is the opening of the Rue D'Antibes sim, and I hopped over before the party started so that I could, well, actually get into the sim. There are free items everywhere! Some of my favorites are at ~silentsparrow~, because the pumpkin banneret is gorgeous, and also because it's so rare to get free stuff for men. It's on a little table outside of the shop, along with a special sale-priced edition version of the Hart's Blood jacket in "water" for 100L. There are other things in the freebie box, including a floaty red dress for girls (or boys who like dresses), a brown corset with a bat stitched painstakingly into the front panel, and a purple waist cincher.

The purple ~silentsparrow~ freebie waist cincher goes well with Violet Voltaire's dollarbies! Don't miss these -- two crowns, a necklace, and earrings, all outside of Violet's Rue D'Antibes shop.

There is a gorgeous free skin on the sim too, La Sylphide's LE Liliana skin (worn below), as well as a host of free stuff that I haven't mentioned, including Ingenue's free dress, Bonnie, in a soft berry color (you can check out Bonnie over here).

It's the perfect thing to do while waiting for the Skin Fair.

Girl Ach in free hair, dollarbie jewelry, free skin, and a free dress!

***Hair: Calico Creations group freebie for women, Alora in flaming midnight
***Skin: La Sylphide LE Liliana skin. I couldn't find and SLURL to their Rue location -- just hunt about!
***Dress: ~silentsparrow~ (Rue d'Antibes location) freebie box at the Rue d'antibes sim opening, Winged dress. Two corsets for women are also in this box!
***Crown: ::Violet Voltaire:: Wicked Crown in violet
***Necklace: ::Violet Voltaire:: Hethr necklace in violet
***Shoes: Beckenbauer Productions Chantal's Rose Elikapeka


Lawless McBride said...

look at you whispering sweet nothings into my ear...."free....mens"...seductress!

Auntykuro said...

ahahah. Yeah :D Our guys can be the matching jacket brigade in that.

Mo Miasma said...

OOO achari and you took pics in my store YAY, awsome lookin me lub it u <3:))

Auntykuro said...

<3 gorgeous store, Mo!