Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Easy to clean off the cherry blossom pollen?

There is ALWAYS a time and place for a black vinyl kimono, right? Especially when the right skin, a pretty new geisha skin from Laynie Wear, appears!

Laynie chatted with me for a bit about geisha culture last night. "The junior geisha, meiko, actually wore more elaborate makeup and costumes. The older geisha were known for their skill with art, so the younger ones relied mostly upon beauty."

I didn't know that. That's why Laynie has created a series of geisha skins, Jr. and Sr. meiko, Jr. and Sr. geisha. I'm wearing the most mature/cultured, the Sr. geisha skin. This means that I'm highly skilled in the arts!

I'm sure that if I bought the right attachment, my avatar could play koto or fan dance like a fiend. I'll have to go looking ...

***Hair: Calico Creations Calico in flaming midnight
***Skin: Laynie Wear LW Sr. Geisha Skin
***Earrings: Second Mirage Radiant - Ruby
***Kimono (including geta and a parasol): Ookami Ningen 'ON Black Latex Kimono

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