Friday, March 7, 2008

The doll in me (nearly free doll shape and form!)

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I've long had a fascination with the Japanese art of the doll. If you haven't researched Super Dolfies yet, you should! These are anime-esque dolls of gorgeous make and amazing wardrobes, and the owners create elaborate doll tableaux and photo stories about their adventures.

It didn't occur to me that you could BECOME a doll in SL until I met Subversive Vavoom. She is at the center of the SL doll community, and owns a shop for SL dollies called All Dolled uP. Yesterday, I picked up a starter doll kit from her shop (including skin, shape, hair, and an adorable dress) that she created to introduce people to this culture.

The box included a note card that read in part:

"Welcome to SL's doll subculture, or as i like to call it, a community. We come in all shapes and sizes, wear lots of different clothes, and behave in all sorts of ways. There is *no one* right way to be a doll. It's up to you or your owner to decide.

"Want to meet some dolls? Join Clockwork Hearts. We are a PG rated group, meaning we use the group to simply introduce ourselves, conversate and discuss events. We'd love to get to know you so please say hello. Below the store is The Clockwork Cafe, which is open to anyone, doll or otherwise, at all times. It's a safe and excellent way to meet people." (Words from Subversive Vavoom!)

I was immediately struck by the cuteness of the shape and form. It reminded me of Sara Crewe and her one beautiful doll, her favorite doll, the friend that never left her through thick and thin. (And yes, I have a small fixation with Sara Crewe.)

Did I mention that the doll avatar kit and Violet Voltaire jewelry are dollarbies on the second floor of Subversive's shop? (In the room to the right at the top of the stairs.) Do stay and browse, however. The shop is worth it!

***Hair: Darkstar Designs ::ZoeyV2-Black-
***Skin and shape: ~All Dolled uP~ Doll Avatar Kit [This comes with a cute pink dress and blond hair too, as well as an instructive notecard about SL doll subculture] -- Store promotion dollarbie
***Dolly key: ::Violet Voltaire:: Dollie Jewelry Set -- Store promotion dollarbie
***Outfit: *CanalGrande*=Z=punkCheck
***Socks: (Shiny Things) knit knee socks red
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui ankle boots in black leather


Subversive said...

Wonderful post!! Just a couple notes for anyone that reads this: the skin has joint lines on it and the tattoo layer garments are tintable doll joints. You can actually wear this skin and easily hide your 'inner doll' that way, and! you can use the tatts to 'doll up' any of your other skins! yaaaay. Finally, the next big event is our Spring Cotillion where we will crown a Spring Queen so please consider joining our group for more info :) Thanks!!!! xoxoxoxoox

Auntykuro said...

Thank you for adding this comment =)

I'll definitely post the texture if you email it to me, so that people can see what the doll joints look like!


Violet Voltaire said...

ohmigosh, you look so adorable as always. I want that outfit! *hyperventilates running of to get eet*

Auntykuro said...

Thanks, Vi! CanalGrande is super cheap and cute! Great for a hit of something to wear when your pockets are low...:D

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Oh so cute Achariya, I love it with this hair and outfit.

Thanks for letting me know about it, I haven't had a chance to try it on yet but I can't wait now, hmmmf it'll have to wait until tomorrow - it's waaaay past my bedtime :)

<3 Creamy

Auntykuro said...

*grin* thanks, creamy. it's a great wee shape! and the skin goes so well with it!

Faerie said...

Canal Grande is a lovely looking shop with some great looking EGL dresses - but a word of warning: their outfits are "no-mod".

I bought a lovely looking outfit here last night but my arms stick out through the sleeves ( a lot) and the prim sleeves are no-mod so there is nothing I can do except change my shape (drastically) - not that I'm abnormally sized in any way at all.

Auntykuro said...

Thank you for that word of warning, Faerie! Perhaps you don't have to change YOUR shape, but go get the free shape I post about here for when you wanna wear those? Just a suggestion!

Faerie said...

Just an update Achariya, I contacted Canal Allen the owner of Canal Grande and she was very happy to give me new mod-able sleeves (and a choker) for my dress (even though it was sold as no-mod). She also said to contact her if I bought anymore things that needed modding.

Great service and a great store!

Auntykuro said...

Thank you for the update, Faerie!