Sunday, March 23, 2008

Black and floofy

Today, I got a tip from the SL FREE*STYLE group about a free pair of shorts from !!amerie's NAUGHTY. I hopped right over, spotted the shorts, and ended up liking the rest of her designs too. SEE DESIGNERS? The generate-traffic-via-freebie ploy totally works! (For me, anyway.)

I got sucked in by the ultimate floofiness of this coat (like that adjective? I do too). There's not much better than a ripped up black frock coat, and this one comes with excellent tights too. I like to cover up my torso, so instead of the little shorts that came with the set I put on Schadenfreud's corset and glitch pants from the Crimson Geraldine outfit (do go see the rest of this set, it's got a gorgeously slinky dress that goes with it). I'm also the proud owner of a new crown and necklace from Violet Voltaire, but I'll be wearing this set so much that I don't even really need to point it out. The hair is also from !!amerie's NAUGHTY, and it's choppy and black and edgy and I quite approve.

Eh, but who cares if I approve! What matters is the fact that my inventory just hit over 22K because of Easter! *mutter* Damn SL and it's abundance of holiday freebies. I just can't say no. I think I'll spend some quality time sorting folders now...

***Hair: !!amerie's NAUGHTY* *aN* SpicyHoney Black
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* DAHLIA Skin - the starlet
***Jacket and socks: !!amerie's NAUGHTY* *aN* Plastic Punker jacket from the set
***Corset top and glitch pants: Schadenfreude Geraldine in crimson
***Boots: (Shiny Things) sleek laceup boots in rust
***Jewelry: ::Violet Voltaire:: Mariposa crown and necklace in rainbow
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