Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shop and think

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Curious Kitties is a haunting build. I've noticed that the best shopping sims are also interesting travel destinations, so that the means (the sim) and the end (shopping) become all synergistic. The new Silent Sparrow sim is like that too (you can peek at the new build, although it isn't up and running quite yet), but in an entirely different way. Curious Kitties is colorful with a twisted cartoon logic (think Polly and the Pirates), whereas the new Silent Sparrow is more like a Grant Wood painting. (Aha, it's blogged over here in Second Life Colors.)

While I'm writing this, my avatar is lying deep within a purple and blue hotspring in a dark land where the ambient light seems to ooze from the phosphorescent steam. The hot spring is in the middle of the swamp next to the shop, but the shop is just as glorious.

Sure there are the usual clothing displays, but if you head to the rooftops, you'll see the glorious tree that overshadows everything. It's got to be one of the trees of Lothlorien, considering it's height and shimmer of golden leaves!

Inside of the shops there's elegant golden scrollwork. Part of me wonders how anyone can get gold and black to look tasteful, but somehow Ameshin Yossarian does it, and I don't feel like I'm hanging out at a Chinese restaurant. Does it make me want to shop? Yes. Then again, there's very little that doesn't.

***Hair: Tukinowaguma Natumi in blonde and red -- store freebie
***Skin: Another Fundraiser skin by bossa nova, the silent vamp -- sadly, I'm not sure where people can get these skins anymore!
***Face heart: The Bunny Hutch, Lapin Paris Valentines' Heart
***Necklace: ::Violet Voltaire:: Gank Choker in black
***Tattoo: Ravenwear Vectors Tattoo
***Kimono top, furisode: SAMURAI SOUL & NADESHIKO SOUL, Kimono
***Dress: GG Couture, Wool Z Dress
***Boots: (Shiny Things) Sleek Laceup Boots 2.0 in rust

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