Sunday, February 10, 2008

Representations wrapped within fictions

Autopilotpatty Poppy, owner of The Gallery Tamrannoch, was nice enough to photograph a number of Caledonian women for an exhibit. The opening of the Exotic Women of Caledon Exhibit was tonight! I stumbled around the exhibit in deep lag for a while and gazed at Caledonian beauties in various states of un/dress. I also encountered...

Me. Well, my avatar. It's a little funny to see her in an exhibit; I'm used to staring at myself all by my lonesome on my land while I put on and take off clothes like some kind of rabid cyberpunk Barbie. It sure was an honor, etc. etc. -- and honestly, it was a neat exercise in representing "myself" as "myself" for a change, without the outside prompt of clothing to shift my avatar's personality.

What does "my avatar playing myself" wear to a gallery opening? My favorite fluffy Callie Cline skirt and boa (from the Ugly Duckling set), and my favorite new Carnival of Doom jacket (from the Zemfira set). I've reverted back to female, which means that I'm cold and manneredly again (with some relief after last night's walk on the wild side!). I'm also back to being mostly interested in frocks.

Anyway, go see a veritable rogue's gallery of cuties at The Gallery Tamrannoch. WHY? Because, you see, avatar representation equals identity in Second Life, and it's truly fascinating to click on people's pictures and see the fiction they've created for their virtual beings...

And yeah, that's me in the middle there. *shy*

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