Friday, February 8, 2008

Of webs and coils

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Honest to god, this post is about fashion, but in preparation for it I tried my best to teach myself about the Tesla coil.

I, um, kinda failed to understand electricity. I know that creators in SL are incredibly skillful, and the person who designed this Tesla coil in Babbage definitely knew exactly what s/he was doing, but sadly not me.

This is my best explanation: When channeled into this coil thingie, electricity can reach an enormously high voltage and start appearing as arcs of light. Why is this useful? It creates an energy field that can power lights up to 50 feet away -- yeah -- light from a distance with no need for a cord to the source. Why don't we use Tesla coils nowadays, instead of constantly being plugged into an electrical company's powerline? wireless electricity can't be metered. Yep, Tesla's ideas weren't used because the electrical companies needed a way to make us pay for their services.

I've done a shoddy job of explaining both Tesla and his coil, but his wikipedia entry gave me about half an hour of absorbed reading this morning. Did you know he wanted to make a death ray? And invented the radio? And thought there were aliens? I also learned the word synesthete from this wiki entry, for which I am grateful. A synesthete is someone who crosses senses when they think of something -- like getting visuals to music, or smelling color.

I think my clothing posts are a little synesthetic. I look at an outfit and then imagine a setting, imagine a life, imagine an avatar and being. The beautiful rusty brocade of ~silentsparrow's~ new Anansi suit put me in mind of Babbage, and while there I stumbled upon this Tesla coil. Clothing that inspires; that's what we get to play with in Second Life. Clothing that doesn't need to consider physics...or warmth, although I'm sure my shirtless boy is all warm from the light.

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***Hair: booN TFH26 black small
***Skin: TheAbyss Scorpio_Dystopian[1]C Smooth
***Earrings: **Encore** Heavenly Cross Earrings
***Tattoo: Canimal - henna Pack
***Suit: ~silentsparrow~ anansi suit in sepia
***Shoes: [T.KING] Steampunk Brass Gear Boots v.1b

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