Saturday, February 23, 2008

Of bare and clothed bottoms

For about an hour my daughter and I tried an experiment. I said that she could walk around the house bare-bottomed IF she used the potty...This experiment lasted until she wet herself. Now she's back in a diaper. *Sigh.* This potty training thing really blows, for all of us. I'm trying to take comfort in the fact that there are very few adults who aren't potty trained.

Speaking of covering one's bottom, It's high time that I spent some time paying homage to Terry Lightfoot's gowns.

Tiara Thibedeau in Domino Noir

Who uses some of the finest fabric in all of Caledon? Terry Lightfoot, of course. One of my first purchases in Second Life was her Oiseau Chinoisie gown (depicted at the top of the post, in Terry's shop). It's been a perennial favorite, and has survived many a wardrobe sorting. I still wear it, because when I have it on I feel like the daughter of an East Indian Company merchant...

I photographed myself more formally in a new release, the red brocade Wednesday's Valentine Wish. It's got everything a girl could want in an Edwardian frock, including many shirt and skirt options, frills, ruffles, gorgeous fabric, and this fabulously formidable hat. No really, look at that thing. There are BIRDS up there! (I should also mention that I'm wearing the newest hair release from -Hiccup, "Fashionably Strung Out." I love how Tilly photographs her hair in such a rockabilly way, and yet it's perfect for an unconventional Victorian lass too...)

While shopping, I encountered miss Tiara Thibedeau in Terry's Domino Noir dress. She looked so pretty that I had to photograph her.

Hat, gloves, prim skirt, skirt, shirt, stockings: To a T. (Terry Lightfoot) Wednesday's Valentine Wish
Hair: -Hiccup (Fashionably Strung out) in black
Skin: GG Couture *GC* Buddy Holly! Group gift freebie
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui, Chloe flats


Karen S. said...

I used potty training rewards. The audio and chocolate treats were powerful incentives to fully potty train our son. He loved pushing the button hearing he is a Big Boy. He was peeing and pooping in his potty within a week. Have a look and see if this would work for you.

Auntykuro said...

Thank you kindly, Karen! I'll totally try this. Wow.

Violet Voltaire said...

My mom somehow got one of my cousins automatically potty trained. She had been avoiding it for over a year. So my mom told her that when the pool opened in the summertime they wouldn't allow babies with diapers because it was disgusting. From that day on she was potty-trained. LOL Oh and on me, she said the only way she could get me to potty in the toilet was to sit me down and run the faucet, then make a big happy fuss about it. You know..."Yay Vi went tinkles! :O" haha now you know my secret! Hope that helps a bit :P

Siri said...

Yep, gummy bears for potty use. In the end, being bottomless for three whole days helped. We had a few accidents but once the tike made the connection between pee and floor (and seeing his parents crumpled faces as we scrubbed it up) he figured out where and when to go.

Course, we still have to trot over to the bathroom when we hear him shout in a sing-songy way "I'm DONE!" just to give him an xtra hand.... ;)

Good luck!

Auntykuro said...

Ah, you guys, those are great ideas!

Gummi bears and some pressure to do something she wants, like swim!

Cyn Peccable said...

I can't tell you how many times I have wandered into To a T in Port Babbage to window shop. I don't know what gave me the power to resist to this point (oh, maybe my bursting-at-the-seams inventory?) but I fear seeing your photos is going to send me on a buying binge.

I mean - the birds on the hat are calling to me!

Regarding the potty training - it too will pass. I used charts with stickers, hung on the bathroom door...the girls went to the craft store to pick out stickers they reallly loved, and that was enough motivation (a Winnie the Pooh in exchange for mastering the poo - how strangely appropriate!)

Auntykuro said...

*grin* I'm sorry, cyn! But really, supporting excellent designers is a good thing to do!