Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New ~silentsparrow~ flickr group!

Cyn in the koumori suit, click for larger image

Last night, while hyasynth was off for a much-deserved nap, I snuck into the ~silentsparrow~ group chat on a complete whim and said the following: "The first few people to send me a photo of themselves in ~silentsparrow~ clothing will get featured on my blog!"

It was fun. People scrambled to put on their outfits and photograph themselves, and while they were doing this Princess suddenly said: "Hey -- does ~silentsparrow~ have a flickr group? If not, it should."

Jameson in the kiri LE suit, click for larger image

"It doesn't!" Someone replied, so Princess went through the trouble of creating a flickr group for the community. Therefore, as well as showing people in hy's outfits today, this post is meant to tell you that we're all going to share our outfits on flickr now!

--> Join the ~silentsparrow~ flickr group here! <--

Owly in the new sanguine lucky chair set, click for larger image

I'm tremendously excited about this. I've never had a flickr account before, but this was a great reason to make one. I love staring at people's outfits, and this'll give me a great way to stalk how other people wear these clothes!

hyasynth woke up from her nap and said groggily -- "Uh -- what's going on?" But by then we'd already made the group and arranged everything. Poor hy! :D

Kedith in the serendipity suit, click for larger image


Alyx Sands said...

Oh, so THAT was the part I missed. Dang, why do I always miss the exciting stuff? I could have drowned you in photos of me in hya's clothes...if only I had known. And been there. I just got the tail end of the conversation AND SL kicked me after five minutes....but I did get the honour of being the first person to join the Flickr group (after Princess, of course!). Now I'm wondering how NOT to flood the group....

Alyx Sands

Cyn said...

I am most excited to have been able to jump on this bandwagon as I've been lurking on your blog for a few weeks (and enjoying it immensely.) (Enjoying the blog part, that is. The lurking part is just second nature at this point.)

Cyn Peccable

Auntykuro said...

*grin* hey you two! yep, sorry you missed it, alyx! and welcome, cyn, lurking is just fine. i'm shy too :D