Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Less able were we ere we had Ada

Click for more photos of last night's Mardi Gras party in Caledon Wellsian!

Five weeks after the birth of her daughter Ada, Lady Byron demanded a separation from her husband, the renoun poet Lord Byron. Why? He'd had an affair, not with just any woman, but with his sister.

Sickened by her time with Lord Byron, the lady vowed that her daughter would stay far, far from poetry, and made sure that her daughter learned nothing but mathematics and science. Ada's desire for poetry was strong, however, and she managed to infuse her mathematic inventions with an imaginative poetry.

The turning point of Ada's life occurred when she met a Mr. Babbage, a mathematician who desire to create a "calculating engine" with the idea that the machine could not just anticipate results, but act upon the results. Ada was inspired, and despite being married with three children, she worked with Mr. Babbage on his ideas for the Analytical Engine. Ada suggested that the machine calculate Bernoulli numbers...the result was the world's first computer program, before 1850.

Today's outfit is in honor of Ada Byron. Something tells me she would've enjoyed all the straps and cogs, and the freedom to kick her feet around.

***Hat: .:UnZipped Seampunk Tophat
***Hair: Diversity Hair Brat - black
***Necklace: [T. KING] Steampunk Clock Collar
***Earrings: Balderdash - Coggles of my Heart -Black
***Gloves: Digital Dragon Design DDD Ladies Aggression Arm Bands
***Skin: /artilleri/ lily (porcelain) in *choco*
***Dress: (Bloomers, shirt, corset, dress, prim sleeves) .:UnZipped victorian Steampunk v2
***Boots: J's GOTH BeltBOOTS


Siri said...

Oh my goodness, how funny that you write this as I'm now in the process of organizing an exhibition on Ada Lovelace for...Lovelace (I believe, working with Sir JJ on this).
Inspiring you are and lovely to see you last night!

Auntykuro said...

Hey Siri!

It was great to see you too, and that'll be a most excellent exhibit.

Did you see the photos?