Saturday, February 16, 2008

In honor of nap time

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This morning I felt like throwing on a comfortable t-shirt. Lucky for me, -Hiccup invented just the thing! It's soft and grey and feels like virtual jammies on my virtual skin.

Then I went to the Shiny Things group sale and got the Clara Slingbacks. Dunno why I didn't when they came out. They make me sing the happy shoe song, and the heel totally reminds me of Fluevogs. After that, I remembered that I wanted to poke around Second Mirage, and then there was that free hair from Truth...

...By the end of the day I was looking glamorous in my comfy t-shirt! I bet my RL self couldn't pull that off. If I start the day in a t-shirt, by the end of the day I'm in a crumpled t-shirt with coffee stains and child fingerprints.

Then again, this is why we play Second Life.

***Hair: Truth Jamie freebie! in black
***Skin: Another Fundraiser Belle Morte by Bronwen
***Earrings, necklace: Second Mirage Luxuriant in emerald
***Dress (shirt, pants, prim): -Hiccup Stripey Tank Dress
***Armwarmers: ~silentsparrow~ from the eventide set
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Clara slingbacks in black from the group sale!


Lawless McBride said...

they hate me at Fluevogs, im the guy that constantly leaves the grease marks on their front window from pressing my face against it like a kid at the candy store....

Auntykuro said...

*grin* for myself i'm shocked that their website doesn't have my paw marks on it.