Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If fear should win our hearts

Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy

"The first hair I made sucked," said my eighth guest-star, Aemilia Case, while posing for me, "But I had some really great friends who encouraged me, and I kept at it."

This kind of story sticks in my mind. I pondered the fact that creators on SL began as cluelessly as the rest of us, but instead of making a box and going -- "Okay, well, that was terrible," they found something inside of themselves that pushed beyond the small box threshold.

I'm glad Aemilia kept going, because (as the creator of Philotic Energy) she makes hair that gives me good-hair-squeees (*cough* the official term). While she works, she says she's usually bald and naked and listening to music, which reminded me of the fact that Jackal Ennui usually runs around shoeless.

What music? "Something with a beat that helps me concentrate, like VNV Nation."

At Aemilia's suggestion I listened to VNV Nation's The Farthest Star, and found another small insight into the creative process:

If we should stay silent.
If fear should win our hearts,
Our light will have long diminished,
Before it reaches the farthest star.

Maybe it's this that keeps creators going, the far-away spark of something to shoot for that does away with fear.

Hair: Philotic Energy Melantha hair
Shirt: Wrong top,
Pants: Fluky dubyah pants
Shoes: Gutterboots
Tattoos: from Sn@tch
Skin: Fleur shoujo 6
Eyes and cuff: Ekstra
Piercings: Deek


Alyx Sands said...

*stares incredulously at screen*
VNV Nation? And there I thought I was the only person far and wide who listens to them. So I should listen to VNV when I "go creative"? I'll try that next time when I get the urge to eat my tablet pen! :P

(Actually, on my way home I *was* listening to them, but some older stuff: Standing.)

And fighting time so hard I pray
That this moment lasts forever.
And will the world stay standing still at least for me.
Through my eyes stare into me.
I bear my heart for all to see.
With my face turned to the sun there ever standing still.

Alyx Sands

Auntykuro said...

Ooh, I like that. More of them to hunt down!