Sunday, February 17, 2008

Guest star: Hethr Engle

Hethr Engle; click for a larger photo

Hethr Engle, my sixth guest star, presented me with a serious issue. She runs Closet Crisis, of course, which means that she's always dressing up in her favorite clothes! Therefore, instead of asking Hethr to dress in her current favorite outfit, we decided that it would be neat to style each other instead.

It's a fearsome thing to watch Hethr change. She mentioned that she's got 25k in her inventory, and when she puts together an outfit, items flicker on and off her avatar so swiftly it's like watching ghost clothing... She's got very strict rules for putting together outfits, too, and if you watch Closet Crisis maybe you'll discern them.

I decided that I wanted Hethr to look all Victorian, so she put on her primmest skirt and shoes and top and corset and hat... and then I had to giggle at the gloves. Wear those gloves around Caledon and your ball date is going to be feeling up your arms! Trust Hethr to make something demure into something dead sexy.

Hethr (and the guest star spot on Closet Crisis) inspired me to start fashion blogging. I felt so chuffed that someone wanted to post a picture of my avatar in pretty clothes that I wanted to do it MORE! My blog, which had been a very normal blog, became clothing-obsessed, and Hethr is pretty much to blame.

That is why she is my sixth guest star, for her quirky, creative, inspirational style.

***Earrings: (Second Mirage) Black pearl and silver cameo earring
***Hat: bossa nova - norma veiled hat (white-midnight)
***Parasol: *Cherry Tokyo Kimono* Parasol - Ocean
***Necklace: ::Violet Voltaire:: Cameo Gargoyle Necklace - Black
***Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Custom Hazel (Big) [Color only available from Miriel directly not in store]
***Hair: ETD Vivian - Blonde Burnt
***Skin: Celestial Studios (CS) Vogue Skin - Champagne (Classic Glitter - Silver 1)
***Skirt: (Material Squirrel) La Belle Skirt
***Gloves: Fireflies Vivienne - Gloves - Dark
***Puff Sleeves Prim: "Savvy?" Miss Rebecca Set (FV) (jacket,primsleeve)
***Corset: ::Soda:: Renee Corset - can't find SLURL, apologies!
***Shirt: Luxe Brand - White Victorian Blouse *Not sure if this is still available in her discount store*
***Shoes: TESLA - Ziggy *birth*


Heather said...

Aww I had so much fun ty!!! *hugs*

Auntykuro said...

Aw, it was fun to hang with you too. =) We'll go adventuring more!