Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An EVIL schoolteacher?

Something got me in a minimalist mood. It could be the looming prospectus deadline, or it could be the fact that I like to eat American cheese while drinking red wine (don't hate me, I know), but I found myself wanting to cling to a monochromatic color scheme tonight.

Of course then I hit the fashion feed and found myself gawking at the glory that was this Harajuku Punk Fur outfit from Ookami Ningen. FLUFFY!!! Said my brain (and then I drank more wine). I put it on in the shop, and boy was it fun. I even broke my "Either show leg or show torso" rule and bared both at once! It's all okay, though. The outfit put me in mind of a burlesque, and gothic carnies are down with burlesque.

***Hair: Calico Creations Sarah II - Ivory
***Skin (Draconic Kiss) plague doctor
***Outfit (fluffy shrug, skirt, legwarmers): Ookami Ningen, Harajuku Punk Furs Natural White
***Tattoo: EtchD Sins Henna tinted white

That's not all. Betty Doyle also came out with something new tonight (One Boy) after being out of town for a while. It's crisp and tailored and lovely, and feeds into my evil schoolteacher persona. Be good or else, I can imagine saying while wearing this dress. You don't know what I've got hidden in my skirts.

You could fit a whole saw down there, and after I made my college kids watch an episode of CSI, they seriously don't know what I might have going on.

At any rate, back to my American cheese, Australian wine, and Japanese pop. Have good Wednesdays, everyone!

***Hair: Calico Creations Sarah II - Midnight
***Skin (Draconic Kiss) plague doctor
***Outfit (Several layers of shirt with and without tie, prim skirt, glitch pants): Ingenue - One Boy
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Chloe Flats
***Nails: Designs by Celeste - Manicure in Red

Bonus photo! the very cute Pixie Tungi (left) and chibi (small) Ach in the Ookami Ningen shop.

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