Monday, February 25, 2008

Browsing for brouses

Last night I stepped into the ~silentsparrow~ party in a hot pink outfit. Saiyge looked over at me and said, "Ach! I didn't recognize you because you were so pink!"

I paused and thought about color. It's true -- my past ten or so posts to this blog have been (for the most part) nothing but black and white and red. It's not like I'm trying to wear my school colors all the time, but somehow I can't get away from this color scheme. It's almost like I'm building this Second Life me out of color, and these are the colors that define my identity.

I've noticed that other people do this too. hyasynth's color is blue, from hair to skin to nails. Allegory's is bright f----ing green. Milla's style is defined by her soft fluff of blond hair. We've all got our thing, and I guess this is mine.

When I went to church yesterday (Unitarian, because I can't decide which religion I wanna be), the minister talked about the connection between the body and the mind. "People have different thresholds for different sensations. Some people need to knit to ease their nervous system during the sermon, and other people find this distracting. Some people need music while studying, and some need total silence. Be aware of your body and what it needs!"

Maybe this has some application to the online body too. My online self says that it feels more like itself in black and white and red. Fine. But that doesn't mean I won't try to bust out, especially with Spring on the way...

Lest I forget to talk about the clothing, the shirt is one that Miss Kghia Gherardi told me that I'd like from Creator's Pavillion, the "lace brouse" from E.M.A. The hair, another new release from Philotic Energy, the seriously funky (and braided!) Volante. The shoes are stack-heeled go-go boots from Adam n Eve. The creator was skeptical that I could make these boots look remotely gothic-carnie, but lo, I have that power.

***Shirt with prim collar, cuffs and waist skirt: =E.M.A.= lace brouse in black
***Hair: Philotic Energy PE Volante in black
***Skin: FabFree Red Goth Skin (with pretty nails!) -- freebie!
***Gloves: To a T. Lace gloves from the Wednesday's Valentine set
***Shoes: Adam n Eve Scamander Heels in Black
***Pants: Schadenfreude Bloody Stripe Pants, pegged
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