Saturday, January 26, 2008

We don't need another hero

I'm teasing you so much with this picture! Where am I? I'm at the Second Mirage fashion show. They've debuted a new collection, but I can't show you any of the gorgeous pieces until after Sunday. I'm totally excited to wear everything, however, and the best part is that these pieces are also affordable.

In this picture, I'm wearing an outfit more suited for the Wastelands than a fashion show (DE Designs 1846 Blackened, blogged by the creator over here), and this was completely accidental. I'd put it on in my gypsy wagon earlier and was staring at it when the notice came to hop over to the show. Hilarious; I appeared and felt immediately chagrinned when Brit (the Second Mirage designer) appeared in front of me in a glorious Nicky Rees gown. I stood tall, however. The workmanship of this distressed suit is quality enough for any event -- and tough enough to survive a possible cyber apocalypse!

This outfit makes me feel like singing some Tina Turner:

What do we do with our lives?
We leave only a mark
Will our story shine like a light,
Or end in the dark?

[ If you haven't yet, go to the Another Fundraiser skin sale! -- I went and got um. Fine, about eight gorgeous skins, including one from Ingenue that will be tough to peel off my virtual body. Only 50L each, and the proceeds go to UNICEF. ]

***Hair: -Hiccup Alala in black
***Skin: Celestial Studios *CS* Charmed Skin -- 00 (gloss-red)
***Necklace, cuffs: ::Violet Voltaire:: My Violent Heart in black
***Suit, vest, pants: *DE Designs* DE 1846 Blackened suit
***Boots: SLink Angelina Stiletoo in Black (just the foot part for under pants)

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Unknown said...

I think you looked gorgeous!! And there was no dress code, so whatever you felt comfortable in was just a-ok with us! :) Glad you could make the show!