Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This cowl would totally catch the Cheerios

I feel elegant. I like feeling elegant. It's the exact opposite of how I often feel in real life -- especially as a mom and a grad student and resident of Georgia (where the humidity crawls out of the ground and messes with my hair when I'm not actively straight-ironing it).

This morning, for example, I was incredibly proud of my real life self because my shoes and belt were both black. On the downside, my daughter had hidden my hairbrush somewhere, and I've got this horrible in-between-length where stray bits keep poking out of the pony tail. So yes, I went out like that, finger-combing my hair into a ponytail. Then I dropped my child off at daycare (strewing myself with Cheerios), and went to a meeting (spilling coffee down my shirt).

Ah, Second Life, in which all of our best-case scenario sartorial dreams are realized.

And we save so much money in dry cleaning!

I'm especially elegant tonight because of -Hiccup's new hair, Paper Tiger, Tuli's goth skin, and [MG fashion]'s Hunting Season Outfit in charcoal. Snapshots with that gorgeous honey colored stone are taken in Balderdash.

*** hair: -Hiccup Paper Tiger in black
*** skin: []::Tuli::[] S4 goth tone group exclusive
*** shirt, corset, prim collar, prim arms: [MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit (charcoal)
*** bracelet: []::Tuli::[] messy bracelet - steel
*** nails: *Sin Skins* Glitter Manicure in black (from the sim pearl hunt), Sin Skins (32, 35, 24)
*** earrings: Violet Voltaire My Violent Heart earrings in black
*** pants: /artilleri/ nina high waisted pants in white, tinted to match the sweater, artilleri (92, 123, 26)
*** boots: Lassitude & Ennui Reckless boots


Anonymous said...

Very elegant!

Auntykuro said...

Shux, Otenth. Glad you like it.