Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Paon to Creamy Cooljoke

"Hey, stewardess, haven't I seen you in that outfit before?"

"Yeah, Mister, I blogged some of it over here, but this time it's special because my entire outfit is completely free!"

"Free you say?"

"Yeah -- ~silentsparrow~ opened a new store location, and celebrated by putting up a store freebie."

"Group only?"

"Nah -- free to anyone. Lots of pieces, and boys can wear the top and vest! Also, my hat and hair and stockings and skin and shoes are free too, from a buncha different places."

"Cool. Can I get my cocktail now?"

"Can I get a please with that?"

***Hat: Steamstress: Skypirate Hat (store freebie)
***Skin: TaP Vivant Almond Paon 4 (free group gift)
***Hair: *TRUTH* Berri - Black (store dollarbie)
***Outfit (shirt, vest, waist cincher jacket, skirt, capri pants [not worn]): ~silentsparrow~ dreaded sunny sprocket, store freebie at the new location, Rue D'Antibes (if the bloody SLURL doesn't work, do a map search for this sim. It isn't hard to find -- the store faces the sea).
***Stockings: G.L.A.M. Tintable metallic Lycra Tights (store freebie) in sheer dark.
***Shoes: TESLA - Free 'Ziggy' Heels in Happy Holidays colors (store freebie)


winds of magic said...

Siri Woodget sitting exhausted among a pile of tissue, hangers and unopened boxes after yesterday's unbelievable FashCon Rez Day! I must show you the (free) mullet I'm now sporting...

Siri said...

err, that's me, Siri, above...wrong email there...

Auntykuro said...

Ooh -- neato! I should go play with the FashCon thingie more!

Eisa Loon said...

Woowoooo foxehhh, nyumnyumnyummm.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

erk, I'm at it too...that was me above using my Eisa log in. DOH! blown my cover (even tho everyone already knows) :D

Auntykuro said...

Hee hee!

Cover = blown!

But yeah, I thought I looked like you, all elegant in free things. :D