Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Paon to Creamy Cooljoke

"Hey, stewardess, haven't I seen you in that outfit before?"

"Yeah, Mister, I blogged some of it over here, but this time it's special because my entire outfit is completely free!"

"Free you say?"

"Yeah -- ~silentsparrow~ opened a new store location, and celebrated by putting up a store freebie."

"Group only?"

"Nah -- free to anyone. Lots of pieces, and boys can wear the top and vest! Also, my hat and hair and stockings and skin and shoes are free too, from a buncha different places."

"Cool. Can I get my cocktail now?"

"Can I get a please with that?"

***Hat: Steamstress: Skypirate Hat (store freebie)
***Skin: TaP Vivant Almond Paon 4 (free group gift)
***Hair: *TRUTH* Berri - Black (store dollarbie)
***Outfit (shirt, vest, waist cincher jacket, skirt, capri pants [not worn]): ~silentsparrow~ dreaded sunny sprocket, store freebie at the new location, Rue D'Antibes (if the bloody SLURL doesn't work, do a map search for this sim. It isn't hard to find -- the store faces the sea).
***Stockings: G.L.A.M. Tintable metallic Lycra Tights (store freebie) in sheer dark.
***Shoes: TESLA - Free 'Ziggy' Heels in Happy Holidays colors (store freebie)
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