Thursday, January 17, 2008

Paeon to Miss Book

This outfit reminds me of Miss Amelia Book, perhaps because of the glasses and pants. :D

I'm wearing comfortable and marvelous things today. I'm in the skull knit sweater and cargo pants from /artilleri/. They were created before Christmas, but my avatar begged to wear them in the snowless January chill. Yes, snowless! TPTB decided to take snow away from Caledon, and we are all left with old patches of ice and trees that refuse to shake the white. It leaves us all with the dilemma of how to landscape for that in-between time...but anyway.

The other wonderful item is a beautifully crafted corset belt from PixelDolls. They were blogged by the creator over here, and four of them (on the jacket layer) were given out to the PixelDolls group (join by clicking the sign at the main store). They're gorgeous, and neatly solve the bare midriff issue that's been a topic on the fashion feed. I just noticed that Creamy blogged them over here, with all four styles! Go look!

This skin is a preview of the new release that'll be coming from OH! -- very elegant, and really suits my shape (which is *cough* a slight modification of the system Haragyaru shape -- shhh).

***Hair: /artilleri/ rita in red
***Skin: OH! What a neat...Boutique. Rosemary Skin in Almond.
***Glasses: /artilleri/ gladys in black
***Earrings: Mercury Couture [m] Silver and Pearl Earrings
***Choker: LK Labs, Bell Choker, *mew*, Eyana's, Mew (123, 123, 751)
***Sweater: /artilleri/ Skull knit sweater
***Pants: /artilleri/ cargo pants
***Corset belt: PixelDolls (PD) Belts; Empress, Port Seraphine (35, 127, 56)
***Shoes: TESLA Ziggy Heels in *Birth*

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Unknown said...

yep, skirts are cute but pants are way more comfortable. Love the belt.