Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ladies Who Adventure, Adventure the First

The Ladies who Adventure met for their first jaunt of the year. We went to Koreshan, an island upon which an amusement park was built -- and then abandoned. There is a lonely feel to the land, the sense that children used to laugh here.

A few hardy shops still cling to the old boardwalk, selling strange wares. We looked at a place offering art that is worn upon one's skin, and another that looked like children's clothing but made for women of full height.

As usual upon our adventures we saw things rich and strange. There was an enormous mouse of paper maché set over a stylized city. There were children's rides made of springs (those are difficult to mount with bustles, but we did our best), and enormous teacups that spun us around and around so quickly that some of us needed smelling salts...

We saw no people. Perhaps upon our next adventure we will encounter natives.

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