Monday, January 14, 2008

Insert 80s power ballad about burning hearts here

I bet you guys were wondering what your drow should wear for Valentine's Day. Yeah, I was too, but then I stumbled upon the Mes Regrets frock from PixelDolls. I admit that calling it a frock might not be doing justice to how little of it is there. My husband walked by my computer and scowled at the screen, saying: Sooo, is your avatar going to hang out half naked all day?

This outfit comes with an animated flaming heart-shaped toque. I mean, what ELSE would a drow wear on Valentine's Day?

At any rate, it goes well with the drow sensibility. My poor drow. I always dress her in the naughty outfits because somehow it feels more proper with dark skin.

*** hair: Mercury Couture Bouffant 2, 10L at the store closing sale.
*** skin: Tete a Pied TaP Vivant Drow Medium 3
*** tattoos: *EtchD* Sin's Henna undershirt
*** toque: ((PixelDolls)) Mes Regrets -- flaming heart necklace is part of the dress set
*** frock: ((PixelDolls)) Mes Regrets -- comes with many different layers to each part, including an undershirt that covers slightly more of the torso.
*** shoes: Draconic Kiss Assault Boots

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