Monday, January 28, 2008

Guest star: Saiyge Lotus

I've decided to do something new in my blog. I got tired of staring at my same ol' avatar all the time, and figured that I'd feature someone else for a change!

Yep, I'm going to be running a segment on another avatar wearing their favorite outfit. I'll keep to the sensibility of this blog, meaning that the people I bother for my posts will all be elegant, quirky and not very mainstream.

I asked Saiyge Lotus (designer of Balderdash) to be my first victim.

Saiyge's outfit is so complete Saiyge! The clothing complements not only her avatar's shape and skin, but the inner Saiyge as well. She's a gypsy designer (one of her vardos is behind her), and the coat, belt and widgety hat almost seem like tools of the wagon-making trade. I love it when form and function coincide in Second Life.

Saiyge's outfit reminds me of a more feminine version of Patti Smith, when her beautifully androgynous cover for Horses came out.

***Shoes: Tesla
***Pants: PixelDolls
***Belt: Manna Yoshikawa, Manna MainStore
***Hair: RaC
***Ears: Hybrid
***Cigarette holder: The New Zero ~ Boudoir apparel by Torridwear and PixelDolls
***Skin: Celestial Studios Vogue
***Coat and hat: TonkTastic

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