Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Found in Translation

Some excellent people have been blogging the freebies at Uemachi lately. They're most definitely worth scrounging, for the sim exploration alone. The little tight alleyways remind me of wandering the souks of Bangkok, and there are nice free items all over the sim. Freebies include a funky typing animation that looks like a rabbit handpuppet; a bucket to wear on one's head while one goes afk; countless cute little t-shirts and camisoles and a skirt or two for free or cheap; big poofy beanbag chairs; and these glowing mushroom lamp thingies (to name just a few).

One of the as-yet-unblogged cool things that I found are several FREE ASIAN SHAPES at **Heaven's Shape**. I'm extremely picky about asian shapes (being half asian myself), and feel that these are particularly well done. I'm wearing the "Akiho_WL" (from the sign shapkitA), which has an elegant expression and goes beautifully with Tete a Pied's Fleur skin. There's also a version for kimono which flattens out the bust and hips. Two other shapes, Little Bird and Shape of Heaven, are also free in the shop, both cute in their own way.

Happy exploring!

*** Shape: **Heaven's Shape** Akiho_WL
*** Nails: ~*~La Comtesse~*~ Red Nails; Christmas giveaway. I can't find the SLURL!!
*** Bracelet: Schadenfreude helio bracelet, freebie at the store
*** Skin: Tete a Pied Fleur (free from the sim ticket hunt), Fleur, (221, 224, 23)
*** Hair: Maitreya Loelle in Iron, free from the sim opening, Zero Glam World 2 (242, 213, 26)
*** Shirt: Double Paradox shop giveaway, *DP* Frilly Blouse at the main store in *Edelweiss*, Zero Style (202, 88, 30)
*** Skirt: Double Paradox group gift, *DP* Humming of Saturday skirt, Zero Style (202, 88, 30)
*** Eyes: Sugar Cube ::SC Free Eyes [brown] from their shop freebie box, Blumfield (205, 77, 27)

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