Thursday, January 24, 2008

Does that come with a sleigh?

If you're anything like me, you've been trying to figure out how to wear all your Last Call items without looking like, you know, you just stepped out of a Last Call sale. Luckily, Furs Against DSC has provided us with the answer! Nobody's going to ask where you got that excellent corset; they'll be too busy staring at your antlers!

Fab Free in SL posted about the free offer here. It truly is a huge, amazing packet of avatars, from foxes to reindeer and all in between, and it'll be tough getting me back into human form anytime soon.

One note about the clothing -- furries are not so much with the pants. Also, skirts that are too long do funky things with legs and prim attachments...and some prim skirts remove tails. Hair? No. Shoes? No. Necklaces? Sometimes. But you can bust out those short pants and dress up that torso to the hilt!

Avatar from Furs Against DSC, corset top from Last Call, bloomers from ~silentsparrow~, cherry blossom tattoo from Aituu Tattoos, cross necklace from Second Mirage. Sorry, have to scrimp on the credits today, must run to pick up the child from her grandpa.

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