Friday, January 11, 2008

Black is how I feel on the inside

I had a rather shitty morning.

I logged into Second Life and decided to take The Smiths' advice: I tricked out my avatar in black. Then, I added more black, even more black, and a tiny bit of red. Suddenly I felt better. Amazing how clothing has that affect, isn't it? Especially black. Nothing like pretending that you're in deep mourning to make the rest of your life seem positively glowy.

Small side note about the shoes. I knew I'd be addicted to Tesla's Ziggy shoes if I let myself get a pair, and lo, I am. They have a steep Edwardian line and brocaded texture that totally gives me airs. Next thing you know I'll be pretending I'm nobility. Nobility in mourning?

*** Veil: Ingenue - Bow Veil Hairpiece from the Christmas Girl freebie, Born (99, 49, 32)
*** Hair: Tukinowaguma Masao in Black
*** Skin: Celestial Studios Charmed Skin 00 ~ Red Gloss, quite possibly the priciest skin I've ever owned. Jury is still out on whether I like it best...
*** Scarf: /artilleri/ funky scarf *cherry knit*
*** Jacket: Winter Moon *WM* Peacoat -- got it for 10L at their recent sale, Canimal 63, 96, 26 (Mature)
*** Pants with fluffy bits: Double Paradox **DP** wonderful pants
*** Nails: Manicure by Celeste Improved red, Yucca (217, 67, 59)
*** Stockings: ~silentsparrow~ Mille Feuille stockings from the set
*** Boots: TESLA 'Ziggy' Heels in *Eden*


Alyx Sands said...

I instantly fell in love with the hair you're wearing....hoping they would have a red version, too. And they did! I was a bit confused that it was actually men's hair (not that I care, but a lot of men's hair just looks ghastly!)
I almost exclusively wear black in RL, so it doesn't have that therapeutic effect on me anymore!

*hums some more Smiths*

Alyx Sands

Auntykuro said...

*grin* Thank you for the comment! I love that hair too, and yes, it's a boy's style. I own three billion short black hairstyles, I have to admit.

hehe. *hums with*