Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bedhead and deconstructed overalls

I caught the stomach flu too. Can you imagine being so drained that playing Second Life feels like I'm expending too much energy? Yeah. I was flat on my back yesterday. I stuck the husband with the kid while I tried my best to keep water down. Mama, are you throwing up again? -- Yep.

All gross things aside, I am much better today, and perked up entirely when I saw that -Hiccup had released new hair! Four styles in the past few weeks -- Paper Tiger (which I wear far too often), Dungeons and Dragons, Highschool Sucks, and the one that I fell in love with here, Bedhead.

I have a thing about posting photos of my own Bedhead on my RL blog. Usually my hair is ENORMOUS in the morning like some kind of 80s prom queen. If I had bedhead as cute as this I'd probably sport it all day long, like my avatar did.

***Hair: -Hiccup Bedhead - Black, Lions Shore (14, 105, 20)
***Skin: /artilleri/ lily (porcelain) *memphis*
***Tattoo: /artilleri/ old school tattoo
***Shirt: ASH STYLE plain shirts white -- store freebie!
***Jacket, pants: *KUROTSUBAKI* pants&skirt gray set
***Tights: *SHOP SEU* kushukushu black
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Chloe flats in black
***Gloves: Pushbutton Industries PBI bindi armwarmers in gloomy
***Necklace: [CRAP] Squid Bling, Old Town (232, 82, 21)
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