Saturday, November 17, 2007

I never could backwards skate...

The fun started when hyasynth IMed me and said, "Come see the ice skating rink!" She teleported me over and I stared at her as she executed perfect pirouettes on the brand new super-cute sheaf of ice that has frozen over some of silent sparrow.

I watched in great envy, and then said, "Must have! Where?"

hyasynth pointed me toward Skoopf, and off I went. There are some lovely limited editions on sale at the vendor (outside of the ice rink), and I got these to match hyasynth's great new "Marzipan" winter coat. Look at the beautiful steampunk accoutrements on those skates! Certainly keeps my tush warm when I skate around.

Look at us go!

Then, because the skates have a hud, I was able to choose how I wanted to do it. I randomized all the settings and spent an hour having more fun in Second Life than I've had since hyasynth bullied me into finding Pie, my piebald pony. Skating is my new cool hobby, and I must admit it taps into my old love of ballet in a way that doesn't require a few years of retraining (darn that virtual reality, giving me all the benefits of real life with none of the hard work).

I'm planning to hit the silent sparrow rink often this winter, especially because Georgia never snows.

What am I wearing?

Hat: Silver Rose, Marie's Chapeau in Night (Caledon VictoriaCity
Hair: Hiccup Amelieish in black, (Caribe!, Lions Shore, 14, 105, 20)
Coat: ~silentsparrow~ Marzipan in cocoa, with one of the many tail options (short, closed), (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)
Muff: Fuzzy white muff freebie by Cornelia Rothschild, found on a cart vendor in Caledon VictoriaCity, (Caledon VictoriaCity
Stockings and bloomers: ~silentsparrow~ from the limited edition Spider Mary set in clementine, (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)
Skates: Skoopf icicles limited edition Steamers, (On sale at the silent sparrow ice rink!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dark Victorian...Rockabilly.

It's difficult to figure out a way to work my love for 40s - 60s vintage into my avatar's Victorian gothic carnie persona. I love the designs from /artilleri/ and Ingenue (I blame Abigale Raymaker for introducing me to these designs with her 50s party), and am working hard to give rockabilly a vaguely Victorian feel.

Luckily, hyasynth made the incredibly cinematic Fossarius suit. I'm only wearing the tails here, but the rest of the outfit (including hair by Calico and a shovel) would be at home in the dankest of oubliettes. I used to be shy about how often I am going to wear ~silentsparrow~ in these posts, and then I realized something. Nobody else is blogging these clothes! This must be remedied, and (as the official fangirl) I'm clearly the one to do it. *clears throat*

Did I mention that Jackal's black leather ankle boots are so cute that I could eat them with a side of wasabi? Yep. And do I sound random? Yep. It's because I've spent the last few days in severe sleep deprivation to get ready for this weekend's conference in NYC...yay RL.

At any rate. Here's the avatar as queen of the 1880s rockabilly Scene.

***Hat: Elegance Hats, Tillie in black with white polkadots, (Ivalde, 60, 126, 35)
***Hair: Calico Creations Sarah II in Ivory, (Calico Kitty, 124, 70, 35)
***Earrings: /artilleri/ double cherry earring *gold*, (artilleri, 87, 118, 26).
***Skin: MM Skins freebie "Old Hollywood", Minnu Model Skins, ( centro italia, 123, 155, 22)
***Shirt: /artilleri/ johnny girlie *black/white*, (artilleri, 87, 118, 26).
***Skirt and train: ~silentsparrow~ skirt and tails from the Fossarius set, (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)
***Pants: /artilleri/ nina highwaist pants *white*, (artilleri, 87, 118, 26).
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui, Black leather ankle boots, (Nouveau, 65, 63, 30)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Three freebies!

Swift post about three neat freebies. One is old, the Elegance Hats Halloween giveaway, but I love it so much I want to weld it to my head. All of the hats at Elegance Hats are beautifully done, and this one is covered in a layer of delicate tulle that makes the masculine tophat shape somehow perfect for a Victorian avatar such as myself. Join the group and search in notices for the hat.

The second is a free skin giveaway from Blowpop, sent via notices. The Blowpop creator was so excited about this redone skin, the Mellie2, that she sent out a free preview version to everyone in the Blowpop group. I dig the eye makeup especially; very smoky and theatrical.

The third is a free outfit, a group giveaway from ~silentsparrow~. hyasynth was inspired by a certain new movie from Tim Burton, and the outfit is a perfectly tailored paeon to the movie that doesn't feel costumey at all. In fact, I think I'll smuggle it into real life and wear it all day! Put on your ~silentsparrow~ group tag and touch the sign outside of the door.

***Hat: Elegance Hats Hallows eve hat, free group giveaway, (Ivalde, 60, 126, 35)
***Hair: Calico Creations, Heather in Flaming Dark Brown (10L for a very large pack), (Calico Kitty, 124, 70, 35)
***Skin: Blowpop Mellie2 - Cream (cranberry fizz/richbronze gloss) - Free group giveaway, (Fuzzy, 226, 168, 33)
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Sweeney Todd outfit, free group giveaway, includes a shirt with sculpted sleeves and a vest, dark blue pinstripe pants, a bloody cloth and a straight razor. *grin* That last one's going to come in handy. (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)
***Shoes: Didn't put any on!

Monday, November 12, 2007

"Delerium" in Regency

Ach and Mr. Sands outside of his shop

This morning I stopped to visit the construction currently underway at Nix Sands's new store in Caledon Regency: the Regency Emporium (Caledon Regency, 132, 145, 26). He's planning to open up the space to other vendors, but his particular business is Yestergear Antiques, "A company (both in SL and RL) creating clothing, accessories, arms & armour, all inspired by examples from history, serving discriminating re-enactors, historical impressionists & time travellers."

The build is currently gutted, but the design shows Mr. Sands's usual attention to craft and detail. Pretty floors, walls, ceilings, balconies, draperies...a Victorian girl's delight.

Being something of a time traveller, I had to photograph myself here in hyasynth Tiramisu's latest creation, Delerium (700L for a 13 piece set, in the colors Blackberry, Blueberry, and Pomme; I'm wearing the Blueberry). How to describe it?

I always get shy when I try to describe ~silentsparrow~ frocks. I don't hide my partiality; in fact, most of my outfits are an attempt to wiggle other designers into hyasynth's work! Why? I am suckered in by her clothing sensibility, foremost, but beyond that, just look at her fabric!. There are chinese frogs around the buttons, brocade on the sleeves, and the shading is done with the eye of a true artist.

I promise you guys only one ~silentsparrow~ squee per month. :p

I can honestly say that Delerium is the Victorian frock I've always dreamed of having, which is why I haven't bothered to put on the two other skirt options for these photos ("dolly", ending at the knee, and "short", with wispy prims). It comes in three colors, with a corset as well as proper jacket for those cold days when one would rather not have one's collarbones exposed to the elements.

I envision myself going to a Regency ball and leaving in the early daylight, so tired that my gown is holding me upright.

***Hat: Elegance Hats, Victoria Elegance Hat (10L), (Ivalde, 60, 126, 35)
***Hair: Calico Creations, Sarah II - Midnight, (Calico Kitty, 124, 70, 35)
*** Skin: Boneflower Designs, :: Whispers of Night :: Deathly F [Ebon Twilight Stalker], (Temenos, 151, 173, 47).
***Choker: ~silentsparrow~ and *katat0nik Subsection, Skully choker from the Skully set, (Caledon SteamSkyCity, 116, 180, 76).
***Dress (shirt, long skirt, prim skirt, gloves, stockings, bloomers): ~silentsparrow~ Delerium set in Blueberry, (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)
***Bangles: ~silentsparrow~ bluemoon bangles, free group giveaway, (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)
***Shoes: Shiny Things, Wrapped boots in black (Shiny Falls, 157, 129, 55).

Fashion and the virtual body

This entire outfit was L1.00 (Linden dollar), from hair to skin to shoes, from a variety of designers in Second Life

Recently in the Second Life fashion world, a designer died. Not his character (a female avatar named Ginny), but the designer himself.

There was a lot of mourning, especially testimonials on blogs. One blog (Does This Make my Ass Look Fat) had the following thing to say about the loss of Ginny:

I was discussing the impact of Ginny’s passing with a friend, who compared it to the loss of Gianni Versace in real life fashion. Unlike Versace, Last Call was something that was worn by a large number of SL residents where only a select few in RL can afford Versace. I believe that the loss of Ginny will have a bigger impact on SL fashion than Versace’s passing did on RL fashion, because in SL, more people can afford and fit into couture-inspired designs. -- (source)

Interesting comment, isn't it? I think this is why I'm so drawn to clothing in Second Life:

(1) Everything fits! Your avatar never has a bad time trying on clothes!
(2) Everything is extremely affordable, and often free.
(3) You can change everything about your avatar, including gender -- double the style options!

And so, at the base of it all, I think that clothes draw me to Second Life. Shallow or not, it's a marvelous way for me to express that part of myself with relatively little hassle.

What and where:

***Hair: SugarCube: Ice Cream Melting Mellow($0L group gift)
(Blumfield, 204, 79, 27)
***Skin: Tete-a-Pied: Vivant Newbie Skin ($0L for under 30 days old)
(Nouveau, 216,147,30)
***Shape: SYD: Style Your Destiny, Eve Shape, 1L (Kidd, 162,188,29)
***Shrug with wristwarmers: PixelDolls: Black shrug sweater from 0L freebie box, (Port Seraphine, 19,162,27)
***Necklace: Illusions signature necklace, 0L, (Carnivale, 208, 87, 33)
***Corset: *TorridWear* - Pinstripe Corset for 0L from CSI Fashion Avenue
***Pants: Vitamin Ci-Liz Ash pants with belt for 0L from CSI Fashion Avenue
***Shoes: Tesla: Black Mary Janes, 0L freebie, (Dreamworld South, 230,222,21)


For an amazing treatment of freebies in Second Life, go to Fab Free in SL.