Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A garden of one's...

As I was landscaping today, the thought occurred to me that one of Virginia Woolf's contemporaries, Vita Sackville-West, would've really been amused by my garden.

I've always had a fascination for Vita, ever since the PBS special about her life, Portrait of a Marriage. I loved Orlando (the book that Woolf wrote about her), as well as the movie version. I also kind of liked Vita's own book, The Edwardians, although her life was much more scandalous and interesting than her books.

One thing that I've taken away from her life is her gardening philosophy: pick a color scheme and stick to it, and then work in three-dimensional levels. Most of all, make sure that your garden fits your surroundings.

It's autumn in Caledon, so I've made an autumnal garden. Wouldn't this be nice to have in real life?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Adventures in identity

As a mom and member of the Dave-Tanya-Alba family, there are certain things that it just isn't practical to do, like collect autumn-colored dresses (what's a dress?), or go on a trip to visit Ground Zero at the WTC. Yesterday in SL I got to do both. The gypsy dress is from Terry Lightfoot, and that's my squatter's tent in the background, on the right.

Later, I went to the SL WTC memorial. It was nicely done. It was a simple square edifice with the names of the dead sorted by where they died (airplane, building, street), with water in the middle (photo below). I like remembering 9/11 because the day touched me rather directly.

My stepdad was at the WTC train stop at 7 AM on 9/11. He worked a few blocks away, and saw the falling paper from the WTC towers as they fell apart. All that long, strange day, I kept calling and calling his cellphone (and my mother's) to see if they were okay. Cellphones were blocked due to too much traffic, however, and I wasn't able to get through until later that night. It was crazy and stressful and horrific, but what I've taken from it is gratefulness that my family is still with me.

I lit a few candles in memory.