Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Angela reflects upon play

My avatar, lying around on a hammock

Angela Thomas wrote a blog entry about this past weekend's Creativity in SL conference. She said something fabulous that made my skin prickle, about the use of a world such as Second Life for educators:

I hope that people attending my sessions will go away thinking about the value of play, the value of role-play, and the value of creating fictional worlds in which to explore real issues: about culture, about society, and about ourselves.
More here, Another blog about that conference here.

Fancy that -- creativity?!

Again with the word "identity." I can't escape it, it seems.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Feminism. Meanwhile, in SL.

Bronwyn Davies, Judith Butler, Wanda Pillow. Yeah, shuddup, I'm finally getting around to reading them. They talk about structuralist things in poststructuralist ways, and work out semantic leapfrogs to get there. But damn, at least they've figured out a practical use for all that decentering.

Meanwhile, in Second Life, my avatar hung out with her favorite SL clothing designer, Hyacynth Tiramisu.

Hyacynth is riding a horse in her clothing shop.

My avatar is getting more and more fanciful. Is this because I'm abstracting my notion of the body from the RL norm, or because I just think it's pretty?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

New friend; new clothes.

Tonight on SL, I hung out with a new friend, Siri Woodget. In the course of our meanderings through the best shops of SL, it occurred to me that I know a fair number of free and cheap sources for cool shoes and clothes. Perhaps I should make a list...

Siri asked me how I knew all of this. I admit to a guilty passion for clothing that I can indulge in Second Life that I can't indulge IRL. This is perhaps Second Life's biggest draw, for me. The dress-up!

"It's the reason why Barbie is so popular," Michelle Zoss pointed out at dinner tonight, making me cringe and bite my fingernails. I've never owned a Barbie, and find Barbie awful. Is this seriously why I dress up my avatar so often? I'd like to think that my 3D dress-up doll has much better taste than endless pink.

However, I return to a vaguely feminist thought that I've been kicking around of late. Women aren't liberated when they don't have to play with Barbie -- women are liberated when men can play with Barbie without being stigmatized.

Anyway. Second Life is all Yeah.