Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Once ride a wild horse into the sun

I was going to write something academic and witty about Second Life, avatars, and "true" representation of one's self online, but instead I believe I'm just going to SQUEEEE. Today I got to ride a dragon, Shaokar by name. We flew from Caledon Regency to the Victorian City, and then Shaokar transformed into a horse to fly me back. Shaokar is actually another player, not simply a vehicle. :D

It was wonderful to fly on a dragon, one of the ways in which Second Life most definitely beats Real Life. (I have yet to fly on a dragon in real life. Maybe someday.)

I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hello, world

I've got multiple identities, online and off. This blog is dedicated to my academic identity, which I hope to God doesn't mean a sanitized, boring version. I'd like to write more about my highfalutin' philosophizin' interests here, mostly related to Literacy Education and online spaces such as LiveJournal, Facebook, fanfiction, SecondLife, and online fanfiction RPGs.

Who am I? I'm a third-year-and-counting graduate student at the University of Georgia, in the middle of working on my comprehensive exams. That means that yes, this page is being built to (a) get rid of my excess energy and thoughts related to the exams and (b) help me procrastinate. Not that I need much help.

My academic heroes are: Donna Alvermann (who I'm lucky enough to have as my advisor), Amy Johnson, Michele Knobel, Allan Luke, Rebecca Black, Angela Thomas, Henry Jenkins, and Stuart Hall. You can probably tell that I'm up to my eyeballs in new literacies, media studies, and other ways to make Education more fun.

My other identities include fanfiction writer, online RPG player, and mother of Alba.