Tuesday, December 11, 2007

While the grid is down...

Random act of photo, dancing in ~silentsparrow's~ White? Wedding outfit, with hair from Kin and hat and skin from Draconic Kiss

"While the grid is down" meme:

What's your favorite place in all of SL? Can be a sim, a shop, an amusement park, whatever.

(Post the question and your answer in your blog!)


My answer: I think I like Koreshan best. It's got a faded carnie feel to it that makes me feel instantly at home. Amazing shops + things to stare at, SL at its best.


Saiyge Lotus said...

I'm feeling rather anti- myownblog today. ^^

If I open a post there I'll start ranting. ;) I like Koreshan too, I love how it flows, but I don't wander there very often.

Most places I tend to like are like Straylight, Intemptesta Nox although its in flux. I dont leave my skyboxes that much anymore with all the holiday craziness. I definately need more places to explore. ^^

Kghia said...

I love the SL Botanical Garden, especially the raft by the waterfall. Also Svarga, Africa, anything from Rezzable. Hmm. My list is constantly growing.

DarklingRose said...

hm, I shall have to think on that... while I do, know that you have been

tagged! 8D


Michael Smith said...

Hmmm, favorite place...

I'm not sure I have one yet. Ice skating in Caledon was fun, building a floating patio at 768m and seeing what was up there was really cool, exploring Narnia has been a blast, the dance floor at my neighbor's house in our SL neighborhood is always fun, and the eleven drum circle in Middle Earth was beyond cool. My favorite place changes daily and is probably wherever I happen to end up that day.