Sunday, December 9, 2007

We wish you a merry free thing

My avatar looks very, very merry in this week's free things. (Okay, actually, she looks more like she's practicing her best "I'm smiling on the inside" expression.) Thank you again, freebie folks. ♥

***Hat: Chicanery, Santa Hat black stripes, free store giveaway, (Koreshan 164, 174, 24)
***Skin: Tuli S4 goth tone free group giveaway, (Plush Rho, 130, 239, 22)
***Hair: Maitreya, free store giveaway, (Glam World 02, 243, 213, 27)
***Eyes: !Talisman, free store giveaway, (Yawgoo, 73, 119, 97)
***Gloves: Vintage Reproductions, from the Pamran treasure hunt, part of a dress set -- tinted darker. (Pamran, 85, 130, 22)
***Necklace: Second Mirage, advent calendar giveaway, (Second Mirage)
***Dress: Cupcakes, *<3C!* FREE DRESS, one of three freebie from their sale, (Optimal, 104, 224, 24)
***Stockings: Style your Destiny, black and grey stripes, (Kidd, 162, 188, 29)
***Shoes: Maitreya, free group giveaway, (Glam World 02, 243, 213, 27)

1 comment:

Creamy Cooljoke said...

You look cute and that hat needs a good wash, LOL (love it!)