Friday, December 7, 2007

Vaguely incestuous poseballing

As promised, here is my neighbor Pipsqueak Fiddlestick's romantic snowy garden in Caledon Wellsian. She's an interesting one; when I asked her about the summer version, she made gleeful reference to kissing near the deadly nightshade. "It'll be somewhat Shakespearean," she said, "love and a little danger." This garden has romance in the cold. I like the creative mixing of romance metaphors; instead of dancing near a fireplace, Pipsqueak has a number of places to dance knee-deep in the snow.

What is the nature of love in Second Life anyway? Recently, a few fashion bloggers have discussed the sad turn of their SL love lives. It's all situated so deeply inside of the technology that the two are inextricable. Do you offer to let them see where you are on the grid? Do you demand reciprocation? Do you go through a formal "partnering" ceremony? Does s/he have any alts? If you you fake it? ...Does HE?

Because I'm married IRL, I've got a pretty strong line dividing reality and the playful way in which I treat Second Life relationships. Therefore, when I needed to find someone to pose with me in a romantic garden, I chose a guy who is my defacto little brother. I've known Giuseppe Spicoli for a long time IRL, and know that while he'd probably enjoy the process of virtually dancing with my avatar, he isn't going to take it to the LUUUUURV place. Giuseppe's been around the grid since early 2006, and lives in the Wastelands. He's got the big drive-in theater and graveyard, and spends his time hosting variety shows in his postapocalyptic coliseum. He actually went and invested in some Victorian dress-up clothes so that he could show up as my date for Caledon functions.

We traded adolescent comments about poseballs as we tooled around the garden. At least this time I didn't put on my boy avatar and make Giuseppe play the bottom. :D He's long suffering, is Giuseppe. All adolescence aside, I really enjoyed dancing. It feels tender to look at the screen and squish someone that you care about. I guess this is how SL and RL intermingle; even if it is an extremely vicarious experience to watch yourself slow dance on the screen, it's still slow dancing, and you can't help feel like you're dancing with someone. You are; there's a ghost in their shell. I guess that's how some SL relationships actually work.

Giuseppe Spicoli:
***Hair: GuRL 6 das Rind, (GuRLyWood, 110, 111, 21)
***Skin: homemade
***Tie: T. Lightfoot design Cents Collar & Loose Bow Tie with color changing hud, Avalanche, Lightfoot and Sputnik, (Steelhead, 170, 191, 25)
***Waistcoat and shirt: T. Lightfoot design Steel Blue Waistcoat, Avalanche, Lightfoot and Sputnik, (Steelhead, 170, 191, 25)
***Pants: T. Lightfoot design Navy Striped Trousers that roll upAvalanche, Lightfoot and Sputnik, (Steelhead, 170, 191, 25)
***Shoes: Tuxedo Shoes from a freebie pack -- June 2003 Tuxedo

***Hat: Kyoot Army Big Band Skull Hat, (Vakkert Gal, 193, 224, 21)
***Choker & postmodern vest thingie: Kyoot Army Wilted Wednesday Vest, (Vakkert Gal, 193, 224, 21)
***Hair: Hiccup, Amelieish in black, (Caribe!, Lions Shore, 14, 105, 20)
***Skin: Tete a Pied Vivant Cream Biba 3, (Nouveau, 196, 149, 22)
***Dress (jacket, prim skirt, bloomers, gloves, prim cuffs) -- ::Grim Dolls:: Precious Pink, (Sleepy Hollow, 66, 63, 526)
***Undershirt: ~silentsparrow~ from the Sorrow collection, (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)
***Boots -- Draconic Kiss Assault Boots, (Koreshan, 159, 47, 24)
***Tights -- *Sheer* stockings Zebra (freebie at their Le Zoo store), (Uruti Point, 159, 15, 633)


Siri said...

I remember my first dance...and I was amazed to actually "feel" it.
I think it was my third or fourth night in-world... :)

Grady Echegaray said...

omg. SL suddenly feels like a really small world. (It's been trending that way for awhile, hee.)Giu is my oldest friend in SL and my next door neighbor in The Wastelands. We used to kick prims around in old Nexus. We still see each other at least once a week. And your right Ach, he is a sweetie. :)

Achariya Rezak said...

Hoshit, grady, you're working your way through my blog!

PhatGiu and I used to share an IRL office. He's the reason i'm in SL. Damn him. <3

Grady Echegaray said...

And you must be sittin on my shoulder all the while lol.
I am just in awe here. I love to look at pictures, and your blog is total eye candy overdose.

Achariya Rezak said...

aw, that's totally kind of you to say. <3 i like eye candy too, and am addicted to blogging it.