Wednesday, December 19, 2007

silence .is a looking bird:

A number of gorgeous people are blogging about Kyoot Army and their new sim, Silent:
-- Deux Looks
-- Does this make my ass look fat?
-- Shop til u drop
-- Shopping Card Disco
-- Kyoot Army itself
-- And more people, of course, but sadly your posts have scrolled off the Fashion Planet front page and I can't get to them (leave me a comment and I'll link to your post :3 ).

I had to join in the throng, because it suits my clothing sensibility to a T. There's nothing more fun than wearing the right clothes in the right place, even though the swamp water tends to cling to my velvet skirt.

The sim reminded me of Anne Rice's words about New Orleans:

"You know, the sky really does turn violet at twilight. That really happens. The oak trees really do meet their branches over the street."

I'll be in Baton Rouge (in real life) at Christmas time, and I'll get to see the sky fade to violet noir myself.

***Hat: Elegance Hats Valena 2
***Hair: Philotic Energy Aeron Kohl
***Skin: :: Tuli :: S4 goth tone group giveaway
***Jacket: Kyoot Army Deconstructed Socialite top (w/o collar)
***Tattoos: caLLie cLine snowflake tintable tattoos, free from store
***Prim skirt, glitch pants: Kyoot Army Exquisite Corpse Gown, from the set
***Shoes: Mary Jane Shoes *IM* *Promiscuous* in black, free from the store hunt
***Bracelets: !!! Digital Dragon !!! Ladies Aggression Hand Straps

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