Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pair skate!

Elric Anatine and Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks and I share a high-mountained cove in Caledon Wellsian, right by the hub. Lucky for us three we share a sensibility with regard to trees (never enough) and buildings (classic and organic). Recently, Elric begged our governor, Desmond Shang, to ice over the river for skating. It was an excellent idea; but my neighbors went far beyond just getting us ice.

We decorated for winter! I put up all of my Heart Gardens winter trees, and Pipsqueak made a snow-heaped romantic garden. I'll take photos of that at some other point, but I recommend dragging your squeeze there to enjoy the mistletoe.

Elric spent the better part of a day making two single-skate and two pair-skate choreographies that skate you all over our little wooded cove. He's even provided a pair of free skates; you don't have to bring your animated ones, the poseballs take care of it all!

Miss Darkling Elytis was kind enough to come and skate with my boy avatar. Darkling is in Pica (Magpie Lolita) from ~silentsparrow~, which includes those gorgeous, fluffy prim wings. They kept getting caught in my teeth! (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729). I am in Silver Rose's new suit, Changeling, in pine. It's got lovely prim cuffs and fabric, and can be found at her flagship store (Caledon VictoriaCity).

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