Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I decided against the bloody bandages

Today while the grid was down Pushbutton Industries posted their update. I went, I got suckered in, I loved their dirty elegance.

I think I'm perfectly dressed for a cocktail party in a junkyard.

***Hat: Curious Kitties Osyare Kittie Hat in Silver (tinted dark green), Curious Kitties >> accessories, (Curious Kitties, 219, 21, 21)
***Skin: Tete a Pied Vivant Cream Paon 4, free group giveaway, (Nouveau, 196, 149, 22)
***Gloves and Stockings: Pushbutton Industries *PBI* Dirty Bandage Gloves and Stockings (without blood), (Le Zoo 130, 143, 22)
***Skirt, prim skirt & top: Royal Blue anti-Reactionary dress, (Endicott, 196, 60, 130)
***Undershirt: *Thimbles* 1L Layering Tops in Orchid, free store giveaway, (Endicott, 196, 60, 130)
***Hair: Philotic Energy PE Ariadne Black, (Imogen 56, 19, 56)
***Jacket: Pushbutton Industries Scarf from the Thriftstore duster in plaster dust set, (Le Zoo 130, 143, 22)
***Shoes: Shiny Things Ribbon Boots in black with color changing lace hud (Shiny Falls, 157, 129, 55)

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