Sunday, December 16, 2007

Balderdash special edition; outfit freebie

Saiyge Lotus (Balderdash) released a gorgeous, relatively low prim gypsy wagon in a Yule special edition. I drooled all over the red wood interior and scrollwork exterior, and then totally got it. I have a sad addiction to her wagons, and I'm looking forward to the Spring thaw when I can put out this wagon surrounded by wildflowers. (Caledon Morgaine, 64, 154, 22)

Just last night at the ball, I was thinking that my boy avatar needed a new outfit. And lo, my boy avatar can haz a freebie too! Isn't he lovely? He's in the ~icicle~ suite from ~silentsparrow~, a unisex group gift found outside of the main store. I removed the ruffly cuffs to make it more manly and stuff. hyasynth was nice enough to keep the last group gift up as well, so if you aren't a member yet (apply inside the store), you can totally snag them both. (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)

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