Thursday, December 13, 2007

Free, free, free

I'm wallowing in freebies, and by that I mean I could probably put on a new one every hour for the rest of the day. Sin Skins is having a pearl hunt that is on until Monday 12/17, twelve free items for the skin, eyes, lashes, and nails. Such great stuff! Here, I'm wearing the Clara Bow skin, Tipped Vanity Lashes, and Intense Violet/Obsidian Eyes. I've never really played with lashes before, but I like how fluffy these look.

Yesterday, to celebrate the end of finals, I stopped by Barerose to see their new collection. Such great stuff! I instantly fell for the First Queen set. The fabric is gorgeous (there's also a blue version, but I'm a sucker for orange), and the prims fit me quite well.

All of this goes well with the other lovely freebie from today, Second Mirage's Fiona leather cross (available until the end of the day from Second Mirage, join the group and touch the advent tree).

***Hair: Calico Creations Rebecca in Obsidian Copper, (Calico Kitty, 124, 70, 35)
***Skin: *Sin Skins* Clara Bow Red Stratus FREE from their pearl hunt, (Sin Skins, 128, 128, 0)
***Lashes: *Sin Skins* Tipped Vanity Lashes FREE from their pearl hunt, (Sin Skins, 128, 128, 0)
***Eyes: *Sin Skins* Intense Violet/Obsidian Eyes FREE from their pearl hunt, (Sin Skins, 128, 128, 0)
***Necklace: (Second Mirage) Fiona leather necklace advent freebie, quick, get it now! (Second Mirage, 71, 15, 23)
***Shirt and gloves: Barerose ::: B@R ::: from the First Queen set, (Bare Rose, 143, 27, 30)
***Belt: caLLie cLine - fat belt - dull teal store freebie, (caLLiefornia, 198, 244, 23)


melanieann said...

Omgz yeah... SL is alt heaven right now lol. ^_^


I went to the hunt, but I couldn't find everything :( I need to try again! I can't find the skin you're wearing and it's beautiful :)