Friday, December 14, 2007

Five fluffy Friday ... er, things.

(1) If you haven't done the Sin Skins pearl hunt, go do it. It's happening until Monday. My skin, lashes, eyes and nails are from this hunt, and that's only four of the twelve items! (Sin Skins, 128, 128, 0) (Hints for finding stuff here.)

(2) Eight lovely shoe freebies at the Mary Jane Shoes Christmas ornament freebie hunt. Warning: the ornaments are tough to find. Definitely pool resources with everybody at the store, because you'll need it! (Three hints to start you off: Santa, flowers, tree.) ( Chalanties, 128, 128, 0)

(3) As always, Second Mirage's advent calendar giveaway. Pretty cameo today. (Second Mirage, 71, 15, 23)

(4) In love with Philotic Energy. The other day I found the shop at Le Zoo, bought some hair, and died because it was so cute. Today, a fabulous tip from SL Freestyle led to poking through their group for a notice marked "Stuffs." Wow. So many free styles to try on, and I actually adore them all. (Imogen 56, 19, 56)

(5) Along with all that free stuff I'm wearing Draconic Kiss's new winter coat. It's so gothic loli and cute, and I love Draconic's prims. (the coat comes with a fluffy collar that I'm not wearing, in three more colors.) (Koreshan, 159, 47, 24)

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