Friday, December 7, 2007

Drow on a Bespa

Everyone's been posting their Christmas frocks, and I kind of wanted to do the same. By birth I am Buddhist (Thai mom) and atheist (American dad), and spent several formative years hanging out with Jewish pals in college. The result is that I have an ambivalent sort of attitude toward the Xmas event. However, the strange thing about Second Life is that Christmas is this big, creative, interesting time, and it inspires our fabulous designer to make the cutest kitschy stuff ever.

The Grinch is still strong in me, however, so I decided upon the green version of /artilleri/'s naughty or nice set, paired with Kyoot Army's Bird Skull Winter Set (blogged over here!). Mmmm, skulls and ocelot fur. My inner Drow claims that she is a postmodern Christmas elf, although I have my doubts.

I tooled around the /artilleri/ sim looking at all the witty decorations. The Bespa scooter can be rezzed for free right outside of the store! My inner Drow says that it beats the shit out of reindeer.

***Hair: Calico Creations Sarah II - Frosted Olive, (Calico Kitty, 124, 70, 35)
***Skin: Tete a Pied Vivant Drow medium 3, (Nouveau, 196, 149, 22)
***Earmuffs & scarf: Kyoot Army [KA] - Bird Skull Winter Set, (Vakkert Gal, 193, 224, 21)
***Tattoos: *EtchD* Sin's Henna tintable, (Koreshan 32, 208, 29
***Dress (white-lined top, bloomers, prim skirt, gartered stockings): /artilleri/ naughty or nice set *green*, (artilleri 91, 123, 26)
***Corset: ~silentsparrow~ Pica corset on the jacket layer from the set, (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)
***Gloves: Draconic Kiss Revers a Lacet Black, (Koreshan, 159, 47, 24)
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Reckless, (Nouveau, 65, 63, 30)

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