Thursday, November 8, 2007

Vagabond Christmas

Last night, Saiyge Lotus and I hung out while she talked about her wash of Christmas frenzy. Usually I feel annoyed when Christmas comes around immediately after Halloween. In my youth, didn't people wait until the beginning of December? But in the face of Saiyge's enthusiasm, I remembered the older traditions, the ones involving druids and evergreen boughs. For me, Christmas is inevitably tied to Susan Cooper's book The Dark is Rising, and I think about how misseltoe on the windowsills ward off the dark...and about how lovely evergreens look covered in snow; the best of warm and cold.

Here I am inside of the Sparrow vardo

So this morning I trekked over to Balderdash (Ashford Park, 167, 82, 21), and lo, my shoulders felt the brush of snow. I'm glad Jackal waterproofs her little boots, or they would've been soaked through!

The Christmas decorations were tasteful and playful, as is everything by Saiyge (I own three of her gypsy wagons [vardos], they're as addictive as clothing). The first thing that I spotted were the snowmen with changeable expressions. Coal mouths, carrot noses, bits of leaf for eyes, twigs for arms...they're adorable and part of Saiyge's Make your own Snowman kid (300L).

Snowman! I'm in front of it so that you can see the height.

The shop is covered in wreathes and bunting, and inside, Saiyge sells a variety of christmas decorations, including bunting (100L) that nicely fits fireplaces and windows. How does Saiyge manage to make gothic look comfortable and worn around the edges? I'm not sure, but it's an aesthetic I've also noticed in Sanctum Sanctorum...

I was drawn to the gently glowing, rotating Christmas tree (150L), and will probably pick one up for my Vardo soon. (Okay, fine, the adorable wreaths with a variety of bows and baubles [150L] will probably fit the space a little better.)

Saiyge sells a variety of other things, including wrought-iron street lamps, mailboxes, mailbox lamps, and a number of different toasty-looking cauldrons (starting at 150L, some with steam, some with fire and steam) for outside of one's vardo. Be sure to join Saiyge's update group, "Balderdash", for more information, because she'll be making a lot more Christmas stuff throughout the season.

I'm excited about Christmas now! As soon as I can let go of autumn, my favorite season, I'll decorate. Now on to the outfit, which is completely impractical for the winter (but at least my neck was warm).

The author at home in her Nox vardo

*** Hat: ~silentsparrow~ and *katat0nik Subsection, Skully top hat from the Skully set, (Caledon SteamSkyCity, 116, 180, 76).
*** Hair: -Hiccup, The Tease in Black (Caribe!, Lions Shore, 14, 105, 20)
*** Skin: Boneflower Designs, :: Whispers of Night :: Deathly F [Ebon Twilight Stalker], (Temenos, 151, 173, 47).
*** Scarf: /artilleri/ funky scarf in polkadot knit, (artilleri, 87, 118, 26).
*** Gloves: ~silentsparrow~ Sanguine armwarmers, from the Sanguine set, (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)
*** Corset: Tree of Second Life (TOSL) *High Tea* dress corset, (Russel Bay, 169, 235, 26).
*** Waist-cincher: ~silentsparrow~ bird on a wire waist cincher, (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)
*** Prim skirt: Draconic Kiss, prim skirt from The Tell-Tale Heart Dress, (Koreshan, 159, 47, 24)
*** Bloomers: Draconic Kiss, bloomers and frilly leg bits from The Tell-Tale Heart Dress, (Koreshan, 159, 47, 24)
*** Socks: -corduroy- melanie's leggings, (LicoLico, 158, 33, 21)
*** Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui, "L&E" Elizabeth button-up ankle boots in orchid, (Nouveau, 65, 63, 30)

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