Thursday, November 29, 2007

Come with me while the moon is on the sea

/artilleri/ has a gorgeous sim, sun washed and sand strewn. It's like a scene from an Elvis movie like Blue Hawaii. There is a tiki bar, a bowling alley, a neat retro playground, and an abandoned drive in. The retro clothing store just recently had an excellent sale!

My boy avatar poked me and said that as long as I'm taking pictures, he'd like to go hang out by some of those fine vintage cars.

I don't give enough love to my boy avatar in this journal, partly because I always fear people will judge me for it. Why did I create a boy avatar? Mostly because I like the idea that in Second Life, you can engage in creative identity play. What would it be like for people to treat me as though I'm male? I'll blog more about this at some point; there are definitely differences, right up until they click on my profile that states frankly that I'm female.

One friend said, "You know, people aren't going to like you if you keep up the gender switching."

"Why?" I asked blankly. "I never lie that my RL self is female."

"I've been hurt before by gender swappers," he said.

I treat Second Life like an immersive game, not one in which I'd try to hurt someone by subterfuge. I guess that's the difficulty of living in a magical land in which everything shifts and nothing is "real." Perhaps Second Life reveals that the foundations of love and attraction are a duplicity that we play upon ourselves. Whether or not we fully buy into it depends upon how often the other person meets the expectations of our own construction of them.

Back to my boy avatar. Yes, he's gothic and effete, and that's definitely lipstick on him. A girl's perception of a lovely boy is a lot different than a boy's perception of one. This is evident in the way that some (not all) men build avatars. "Whoa, I can pump my muscles up to 100%?" I, on the other hand, prefer my boy avatar to look like a girl. Wonder what that says about me?

***Hair: Calico Creations Jack in midnight, (Calico Kitty, 124, 70, 35)
***Skin: Whispers of Night :: Deathly M [Blood Dawn Slayer], (Temenos, 151, 173, 47).
***Tattoo: /artilleri/ old school tattoo, (artilleri, 87, 118, 26).
***Shirt: /artilleri/ mens classic shirts - mid panel green, (artilleri, 87, 118, 26).
***Cuff: ~silentsparrow~ Bloody Murder cuff, free group giveaway, (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)
***Pants: /artilleri/ cargo pants *khaki*, (artilleri, 87, 118, 26).
***Shoes: Shiny Things Tritones in black velvet, (Shiny Falls, 157, 129, 55).

"Real" males in SL have much less makeup and much more facial hair.


Creamy Cooljoke said...

You sound just like me! I love to play my boy avatar, I take on a whole different personality when I am him. I don't play him for sexual reasons and if anyone gets the wrong idea I have to tell them I am RL female, that soon gets shot of them.

Like your av my guy is quite effeminate looking. Girls seem to model the face into what we find appealing, almost babylike soft features.

You can also usually tell when a guy is playing a female av (apart from hanging around the lesbian sims)they make their features quite hard and angular.

Michael Smith said...

I have a girl avatar that I will drag out once in a blue moon. Like you all its not to deceive anyone and definitely not for relationships, just for the fun of it. The differences in reactions are notable and interesting. Why would cultural norms for how men & women treat each other migrate to a virtual world where nothing is as it seems? Maybe because its hard to seperate our real selves from our virtual selves.

Mike (aka Michelle Republic)

seraph/vaa said...

Hah, i have completely stopped playing my female avatar in favor of my boi avie.. also very effeminite, which makes finding a good skin quite a chore.

There's a lot of us out there btw :)
-Vaalith Jinn

Anonymous said...

Man, the old drive-in schtick totally belongs to me !!


chrysocollarau said...

I'll have to bring my boi over to play. :p