Sunday, November 25, 2007

I can backwards skate in Second Life

hyasynth in her Piaf frock and Calico's Lolita hair (not yet released)

Tonight, hyasynth Tiramisu hosted a skating party on the frozen-over lake at silent sparrow. She DJed (and drank :D ) while a crowd of her friends skated about on our Skoopfs.

I tend to photograph myself a lot because I go on lonely jaunts around the world, but tonight there was a lot of nice people-watching.

Cornelia Rothschild, the mechanical dollie. She has a wind-up device that keeps her going.

ZenMondo Wormser in hyasynth's Mille Feuille Redux frock coat

(I've forgotten her name) in hyasynth's Marzipan

My old neighbor Kandace the cute fluffy bunny in Ingenue's Baby It's Cold Outside coat

All tuckered out from skating in bits of hy's Delerium.

hyasynth gave us some extremely cute freebies at the party. This is a holly-colored take on the Mille Feuille jacket and shirt, along with a green and black scarf. Yeah yeah I should probably tell you the rest of what I'm wearing, but I think the photos are fun all by themselves.

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hyasynth said...

I was expected to see myself...with my skirts above my ears. *smiles* I had a lovely time and am very pleased you could espace the meat space a bit to attend.