Monday, November 26, 2007

How cold my toes (tiddly-pom)

My neighbor across the river, Elric Anatine, has a well-developed sense of humor.

Our entire little inlet is now decked out for the cold season, and I feel the cold air waft out from the monitor whenever I stop by my garden. One of Saiyge's pot-bellied stoves sits in the Grecian ruins, but it's never quite warm enough.

Thank goodness I have /artilleri/'s free Kats coat!

Something I've discovered: if your outfit covers every inch of you except for your face, it's quite possible to wear Tete a Pied's sample skins (the word 'Demo' shows up if you remove any of your clothes, however). It's a nice free way to change out your makeup if you don't want to invest the L.

***Hat: Katz hat from the Katz set, Kru's Boutique - Usagi Kingdom, (Missauke, 179, 205, 92).
***Hair: /artilleri/ Myst in black, (artilleri, 87, 118, 26).
***Earrings: Illusions butterfly set in copper, (Carnivale, 208, 87, 33)
***Skin: Tete a Pied Celeste in Almond (demo skin), (Nouveau, 196, 149, 22)
***Scarf: /artilleri/ funky scarf in polkadot knit, (artilleri, 87, 118, 26).
***Coat: /artilleri/ Kats coat freebie from the skull hunt, (artilleri, 87, 118, 26).
***Gloves: ~silentsparrow~ Mille feuille gloves from the suite, (silent sparrow, 176, 138, 729)
***Socks: -corduroy- xia's dotty leggings in black, (LicoLico, 158, 33, 21)
***Shoes: Shiny Things vintage pumps in black, (Shiny Falls, 224, 148, 38)

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