Monday, November 12, 2007

Fashion and the virtual body

This entire outfit was L1.00 (Linden dollar), from hair to skin to shoes, from a variety of designers in Second Life

Recently in the Second Life fashion world, a designer died. Not his character (a female avatar named Ginny), but the designer himself.

There was a lot of mourning, especially testimonials on blogs. One blog (Does This Make my Ass Look Fat) had the following thing to say about the loss of Ginny:

I was discussing the impact of Ginny’s passing with a friend, who compared it to the loss of Gianni Versace in real life fashion. Unlike Versace, Last Call was something that was worn by a large number of SL residents where only a select few in RL can afford Versace. I believe that the loss of Ginny will have a bigger impact on SL fashion than Versace’s passing did on RL fashion, because in SL, more people can afford and fit into couture-inspired designs. -- (source)

Interesting comment, isn't it? I think this is why I'm so drawn to clothing in Second Life:

(1) Everything fits! Your avatar never has a bad time trying on clothes!
(2) Everything is extremely affordable, and often free.
(3) You can change everything about your avatar, including gender -- double the style options!

And so, at the base of it all, I think that clothes draw me to Second Life. Shallow or not, it's a marvelous way for me to express that part of myself with relatively little hassle.

What and where:

***Hair: SugarCube: Ice Cream Melting Mellow($0L group gift)
(Blumfield, 204, 79, 27)
***Skin: Tete-a-Pied: Vivant Newbie Skin ($0L for under 30 days old)
(Nouveau, 216,147,30)
***Shape: SYD: Style Your Destiny, Eve Shape, 1L (Kidd, 162,188,29)
***Shrug with wristwarmers: PixelDolls: Black shrug sweater from 0L freebie box, (Port Seraphine, 19,162,27)
***Necklace: Illusions signature necklace, 0L, (Carnivale, 208, 87, 33)
***Corset: *TorridWear* - Pinstripe Corset for 0L from CSI Fashion Avenue
***Pants: Vitamin Ci-Liz Ash pants with belt for 0L from CSI Fashion Avenue
***Shoes: Tesla: Black Mary Janes, 0L freebie, (Dreamworld South, 230,222,21)


For an amazing treatment of freebies in Second Life, go to Fab Free in SL.

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