Sunday, September 2, 2007

Two SL heroes

This photo symbolizes a Jenkins-esque convergence moment for me. On the left is my favorite SL clothing designer, Hyacynth Tiramisu. In the middle, Angela Thomas, and there's my avatar on the right. We're all wearing Hyacynth's clothing.

A little earlier, Angela and I chatted about the possibility of an article about SL learning environments, and her desire to focus upon identity and community. Boy -- those ideas are central to my dissertation. Yes, sure, let's write an article about that!

We also briefly discussed the fact that we're roleplaying optimal body images in SL, and what that means. I'm playing a young woman with a balletic figure, Angela is obviously an attractive Amazonian brunette. IRL, we both self-profess to being short as well as (for me) mousy. This is what Stephenson promised us that the metaverse was for, however. Living out different/optimal selves.

What's amazing is that after a while, the SL "optimal self" tends to include wings, cat ears, and a tail, simply because -- why not?

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