Saturday, September 8, 2007

An online space of one's own

I realized that one of the biggest appeals of SL is that I can carve out a space of my own here, although SL isn't so much a "room of one's own" for me as a "journey of one's own."

I treat SL kind of like traveling by myself. I start out somewhere and wander as the urge takes me, stopping and chatting with people if I feel like it, or avoiding people entirely. There are plenty of places to explore in SL, and I'm never without a destination.

Some good recommendations are here:
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In SL, I can determine what my responsibility-free avatar does without anyone else's say, which is rare for a married woman with a kid. Of course, I wouldn't choose to get rid of my RL, but it's nice to have a place that's all my own, even if it's imaginary.

How imaginary is it? Now that's an interesting question.

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