Monday, September 10, 2007

Adventures in identity

As a mom and member of the Dave-Tanya-Alba family, there are certain things that it just isn't practical to do, like collect autumn-colored dresses (what's a dress?), or go on a trip to visit Ground Zero at the WTC. Yesterday in SL I got to do both. The gypsy dress is from Terry Lightfoot, and that's my squatter's tent in the background, on the right.

Later, I went to the SL WTC memorial. It was nicely done. It was a simple square edifice with the names of the dead sorted by where they died (airplane, building, street), with water in the middle (photo below). I like remembering 9/11 because the day touched me rather directly.

My stepdad was at the WTC train stop at 7 AM on 9/11. He worked a few blocks away, and saw the falling paper from the WTC towers as they fell apart. All that long, strange day, I kept calling and calling his cellphone (and my mother's) to see if they were okay. Cellphones were blocked due to too much traffic, however, and I wasn't able to get through until later that night. It was crazy and stressful and horrific, but what I've taken from it is gratefulness that my family is still with me.

I lit a few candles in memory.

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