Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The SL Botanical Gardens

I hopped into Second Life today thinking that I wanted to do something more than what I usually do, which is ponder online identity and change clothes. Luckily, Miss Jasmyn was free to explore with me! The typical Caledonian thing to do is sit around and drink tea (which is nice), but with an entire virtual world an easy teleport away, it's hard not to spend one's free time traveling.

The Second Life Traveler website yielded a review of the SL Botanical Gardens. It was indeed a gorgeous sim.

We got there and were joined by Miss Autopilotpatty. We walked (I admit that it's hell on the Victorian heels), took photos, and even swam.

I had a lovely time. It really is like traveling while sitting on my butt eating Parmesan Wheat Thins.

Miss Jasmyn, lounging.

Miss Autopilotpatty, near the lotus ponds.

Me, contemplating pixelated life.

A view of the gardens by moonlight.

Ah, natural rocky outcroppings. So rustic!

And a beautiful falls.

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