Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Once ride a wild horse into the sun

I was going to write something academic and witty about Second Life, avatars, and "true" representation of one's self online, but instead I believe I'm just going to SQUEEEE. Today I got to ride a dragon, Shaokar by name. We flew from Caledon Regency to the Victorian City, and then Shaokar transformed into a horse to fly me back. Shaokar is actually another player, not simply a vehicle. :D

It was wonderful to fly on a dragon, one of the ways in which Second Life most definitely beats Real Life. (I have yet to fly on a dragon in real life. Maybe someday.)

I'll let the photos speak for themselves!


Shaokar Wilder said...

Well it was a pleasure to me and I am really glad that you enjoyed it well:) and photos are beautiful ^..^

Achariya Rezak said...

Higher-res photos are in this directory: